The credit industry has grown a lot in recent years and should continue to grow. With so much incentive and credit offerings, the trend is for new niches to emerge and lending rates decline.

We have already talked about various forms of loans in the market: loan for negatives; personal loans; unsecured loan and payroll loan.

In this post we will approach the personal loan mode with a check so that you can make a comparative analysis in relation to the other modalities and decide on the type of credit line that best meets your needs.

What is Personal Check Loan?

What is Personal Check Loan?

The personal loan with check is more suitable for the formal or autonomous consumer who has a link with a checking account.

The loan installments are paid on check sheets that you advance in the act of hiring. For example, if you pay your debts in 24 months, you will have to leave 24 check forms filled with the amount of the installments for each of the due dates.

The advantages of this type of loan is that interest rates are lower, since to hire you prove income and use the check as collateral. In addition, the limit is usually higher in relation to other modalities.

Typically, the documents required for borrowing are: RG, CPF, Proof of Income and Residence. But it can range from financial to financial.

Interest Rates – Personal Loan with Check

Interest Rates - Personal Loan with Check

In fact, they can vary from bank to bank. Ideally you should do a comparison and analyze which are the most advantageous.

Interest rates for check loans can range from 3.53% to 15.00% (the main banks and financial institutions in Brazil).

The criterion that determines the value of the rate is individual, that is, each financial defines its own. Search the market options. Some of our partners who make Personal Loans with Check:

  • Diamond
  • Portocred
  • Of the House

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